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David Ben-Gurion
1886 - 1973

David Ben-Gurion

1st Prime Minister and Founder of the State of Israel *

Time Magazine’s 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century *

1971 - David Ben-Gurion was sitting on a student desk at Kibbutz Sde Boker, Israel. He was enjoying questions from our group of Jewish/American College students from all over the U.S. We were on a Leadership Mission to post WWII Europe and Israel sponsored by the United Jewish Appeal. I am a professional photographer with a talent for ‘Capturing the Moment!’ This was the ‘Photo of a Lifetime!’


"This is the warmest portrait of 'The Man' I have ever seen."

Israeli artist Yaacov Agam

“...a welcome and important addition to the Skirball Museum's significant Fine Arts collections.”

Skirball Museum; Los Angeles, California, USA

“...and indeed it brings up Ben-Gurion's wisdom, kindness and warmth – Ben Gurion in his best during his last years... As the Board of Directors saw your outstanding photograph and were most impressed...This photograph express so eloquently the 'softer' side of Ben-Gurion...”

The Ben-Gurion House; Tel Aviv, Israel

“We wish to thank you for the beautiful print...It really is an extraordinary photo of 'The Man.'”

The Museum of the Diaspora; Tel Aviv, Israel

“...very warm portrait...”

The Jewish Museum; Victoria, Australia